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Strategy and internal quality

At its 157th meeting, on 17 December 2020, the Agency Council adopted the new mission and vision of the Agency:


The Agency provides for development and operation of the quality assurance system in the Slovenian higher education area. It operates with substantive and formal responsibility and provides counselling for all stakeholders and participants in tertiary education in accordance with the European and global development orientations.


The Agency shall, with its system of quality assurance development, contribute to higher education in Slovenia being of high quality in terms of education and research, internationally recognisable, competitive and equally integrated in the global higher education area.

Values of the Agency:

  • professionalism
  • transparency
  • development

Strategic goals:

  1. Adoption of the act on quality assurance in higher education
  2. Improvement of assessment according to quality standards and accreditation and evaluation procedures
  3. In-depth substantive analytic work in selected areas
  4. Establishment of up-to-date databases on selected activities at higher education institutions
  5. Pursuing sustainable development goals
  6. In-depth international cooperation
  7. Proactive communication