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Register of experts

In accreditation and evaluation procedures, the Agency Council appoints a group of at least three experts, of which at least one member is a student and at least one member is a foreign expert. Experts operate on the basis of professionalism, impartiality and legality principles.

Based on the documentation for assessment and the visit of a higher education institution or a higher vocational college, the group of experts conducts an assessment and writes a report. Therefore, it is crucial for the Agency Council to obtain from the group of experts an impartial, uniform and unambiguous expert opinion on the fulfilment of quality standards according to individual areas of assessment.

The Agency keeps a register of domestic experts. It organizes periodic trainings and consultations for them, and cooperates with foreign quality assurance agencies and experts.

Expert report outlines and instructions

1. Initial accreditation of a higher education institution

2. Re-accreditation of a higher education institution

3. Accreditation of a study programme

4. External evaluation of study programme

5. External evaluation of higher vocational college

6. Sample evaluation of study programme