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European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education (ECA) Members’ Seminar

PUBLISHED ON: 6. June 2024

On 3 and 4 June 2024, the Deputy Director of the Agency, Klemen Šubic, attended the ECA (European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education) Council meeting and a seminar organised by the ECA in cooperation with the Malta Quality Agency MFHEA. The seminar programme included interesting presentations on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve the identification and quality monitoring of HEIs (the case of AQU Catalonia) and a workshop on the future applicability of AI and generative AI in the field of higher education. The second part of the event was dedicated to the ECA General Assembly, where Klemen Šubic was unanimously confirmed as a member of the ECA Council for a further two years.

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