The Agency promotes and creates international partnerships in the field of quality assurance in higher education. With its partners, it develops guidelines, trends and good practices.

The Agency is committed to the highest quality standards arising from its European and global integration. In fulfilling its mission and pursuing its vision, the Agency strengthens the activities of common understanding and expectations of various stakeholders both at home, and internationally. It seeks to promote cooperation between various international associations, national agencies, student unions, foreign experts and other stakeholders, in order to increase its visibility in the European area and respond appropriately to trends, threats and opportunities in a changing global environment. In doing so, the Agency connects with diverse international partners:

  • international associations (ENQA, EQAR, ECA, CEENQA, INQAHEE),
  • national agencies (AQ Austria, AKKORK, PKA, AQAS, NVAO, AZVO, AKVO) and
  • international experts.

As a partner, the Agency is involved in various European and international projects. It strategically monitors the development and trends in quality assurance in higher education, provides support and enables the exchange of good practices with other national agencies and involves international experts in its activities.