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AZVO visit: Digitalization of quality assurance processes in higher education

PUBLISHED ON: 10. February 2023

The visit of Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (AZVO – Agency for Science and Higher Education) representatives, which took place on February 7, 2023, focused on the digitalization of quality assurance processes in higher education. The representatives of NAKVIS presented in detail the functioning of the two information systems eNakvis and iNakvis and reported on their experience in the implementation of the mentioned projects, as AZVO is currently preparing the tender documents for the construction of their information process, with which they will also try to digitalize the procedures carried out by the agency. Finally, we would like to thank the guests, for taking some time to explain the structure and method of collecting the data they manage themselves, as this information will be very useful in the further development of the two NAKVIS systems.