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Guide to external assessments

PUBLISHED ON: 14. February 2023

It is designed as a tool for assessments on a deeper, more qualitative level in terms of content and expertise, and as a guide in the work of the agency’s experts and also other stakeholders. In the creation of the text, in addition to the results of the agency’s systemic and thematic analyses, the results obtained during the concurrent study of the comments of the participants in the procedures, as well as the findings and recommendations of the participants in consultations with experts, teachers, scientists from the field of higher education didactics and science research, and representatives of other stakeholders. The guide is intended not only for the agency’s experts and candidates, but also for institutions and schools, professional staff and members of the agency’s council, as well as other external stakeholders.

Its central and most important part, aimed at assessing compliance with quality standards, will also be useful for institutions and schools in self-assessment and preparation for accreditation or external evaluation of the agency.

Guide to external assessment