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Publication 2023: Annual report, ENQA targeted review and microcredentials

PUBLISHED ON: 26. March 2024

The Agency has published its annual publication, which brings together key documents and an overview of its work for 2023. Among the content you can find the Annual Report 2023, the findings of the Agency’s targeted review carried out in 2023 by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), and a special chapter dedicated to the current hot topic in the Slovenian and European higher education space – quality assurance of microcredentials. The chapter includes contributions from foreign and national authors who, among other things, participated in a conference on micro-credentials organised by the Agency in November 2023. The document is available at the link below. You are cordially invited to read it!

Annual report 2023 / External assesment of the agency / Microcredentials