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Presentation videos of higher vocational colleges

PUBLISHED ON: 24. April 2023

Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency has completed new set of production of presentation videos, this time with a focus on higher vocational schools and faculties of the University of Nova Gorica, thereby expanding the existing range of presentation videos that are already available on the NAKVIS website or NAKVIS YouTube channel. In this project, 33 higher vocational schools and 6 members of the University of Nova Gorica participated.

Through these videos, we have enabled higher vocational colleges and aforementioned higher education institutions to present their achievements, priorities, and experiences. We aim to offer the public high-quality and diverse information about the Slovenian higher education sector, and to help students create a better impression of each institution or school and find a study program that suits them.

We would also like to thank all participating schools and faculties for their collaboration and dedication, which enabled the production of high-quality presentation videos. You can access the presentation videos through our website (Data on Higher Education Institutions) by clicking on a specific institution or through the NAKVIS YouTube channel.

We cordially invite you to watch them!