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Information on Higher Education Institutions

We want to offer the students and the public as much quality and diverse information about Slovenian higher education as possible. All the key information about individual higher education institutions can be found on our webpage.

How to choose what to study? (introductory film – turn on the close captions for the English translation)

– basic data (name, address, website)
– research activity (SICRIS)
– presentation films (NAKVIS YouTube channel)
– SQAA Council decision and expert report for each higher education institution
– information on study programs with agency decisions and expert reports
– data on other accreditations and international rankings
– information regarding enrolment in study programs (eVŠ portal)
– other useful links: Student Organization of Slovenia (student signpost), Student Advisory Office (legal and social issues of students), Secondary School Council (informational portal)

List of accredited higher education institutions and study programs and evaluated higher vocational colleges – link to public records.

Introductory brochure of SQAA

Information on Higher Education Institutions – in Slovene. (Please, use a translation service within your browser for translation to the language of your liking)